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Things to know before you do it yourself epoxy flooring...

We’ve made a quick and convenient blog from the pros on epoxy flooring.

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In this blog we're going to give you information on why it's important to use a flooring contractor for epoxy floors. Over the years blue gorilla coatings has seen a surge in DIY (Do it yourselfers) calling for epoxy repairs. Often homeowners watch videos or TV shows that don't fully explain all the steps of successful epoxy flooring. This can result in even more expensive repairs, plus new correct installation cost, and all the time & money lost from your first application. In this blog we hope to guide you in the right direction.

1. Mistakes are common and expensive for do-it-yourselfers.

Sure using a reputable flooring contractor can be costly, but the juice is worth the squeeze. Many homeowners watch videos or TV shows that explain how easy it is to apply epoxy flooring. What a lot of these videos fail to do or show you is all the proper steps to applying epoxy flooring. Many of these steps take years to develop with tons of experience that your average DIYer doesn't have. When you chop it up your average mistake can cost you over $3,000 plus for a 200 square-foot room. You have to consider your original cost of applying epoxy on the floor wrong. Then you have to factor in the repair cost, plus new application costs. These repairs can add up very quickly as you can see. Blue Gorilla Coatings always recommends hiring a reputable flooring contractor for commercial or residential epoxy flooring, give us a call today for a free quote 708-325-9069

2. Experience

There's nothing like experience, especially in this industry. Daily, blue gorilla coatings receives phone calls from customers that mess up their floors. Again a lot of these videos show you how easy installing epoxy flooring can be. What they don't show you is the experience it takes to install it professionally. There are many moving variables & sciences behind installing epoxy flooring professionally. A few things to consider before trying it yourself are conditions like humidity, original flooring material, epoxy type, location in home, size of area, epoxy color, plus so much more...

3. Unforgiving drying times

Ask any professional and they will tell you epoxy flooring can be very unforgiving. Many epoxies have quick drying times and that is an important issue with success in this business. Often homeowners have epoxy failure due to this single issue alone.

4. Floor prepping

The next most common issue with epoxy flooring issues is peppering. We cannot stress enough how important it is that the flooring area needs to be prepped perfectly. Using a professional can ensure you that you will not get any future bumps or rough patches on your new epoxy floors. Make sure you hire a flooring contractor that is reputable and stands behind their work like Blue Gorilla Coatings in Chicago does. Choosing a contractor that stands behind their work will ensure you that they know what they're doing.

5. Piece of mind

We always strongly suggest using professionals on something in the home used as much as a floor. Oftentimes homeowners can cut corners and save big money on remodeling things themselves. We just believe something this important should be done right by the professionals. Reputable flooring contractors work quickly and efficiently with materials they are very familiar with. Thus providing an excellent product and outcome without any need of redoing any steps. Peace of mind on something in the home you use so much, definitely goes a long way. After reading this blog, if you decide to go with a flooring contractor. Make sure to ask key questions about the epoxy flooring process before choosing one. This helps make sure they know what they're doing. Asking these key questions & getting correct reponses Yelp & Google reviews are always a great resources. Blue Gorilla Coatings really hopes this blog helped you with your epoxy flooring decision in Chicago. Please give us a call for your free quote in the Chicagoland area on all your epoxy flooring needs residential or commercial at 708 325-9069.

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